Enquête policière au lycée Amiral Ronarc’h

Le lycée a accueilli les élèves de la section image_5_-5-e8745-39182 Anglais LCE « Langues et cultures étrangères » du collège de secteur de la fontaine Margot dans le cadre d’un projet mobilisant les enseignants des deux établissements. Les élèves ont effectué une enquête policière dans le but de découvrir qui a volé le squelette du lycée. L’enquête nous a permis de désigner le coupable, Quentin (Aide laboratoire du lycée) !

Merci aux élèves de la section Anglais LCE, Mme OLIVRÉ, Mme NOUY et nos 3 anciens élèves de la Fontaine Margot qui ont permis de trouver le coupable.’enquête leur a permis de désigner le coupable, Quentin (Aide laboratoire du lycée) !


A partnership has been undertaken over this schoolyear between l’Amiral Ronarc’h upper High School and La Fontaine Margot high school.

Owing to the collaboration between two teachers (Ms Nouy – AR & Ms Olivré – LFM), the pupils studying English in the European section at LFM have been able to lead an investigation, following the forensic techniques that the police uses.

Once a month (from December to April), Ms Nouy came to La Fontaine Margot and taught the students about blood types, DNA modeling and extraction. Then, in May, for the final step of this criminal investigation, Ms Olivré’s group came to Ms Nouy’s science lab at AR, where they analysed the culprit’s DNA owing to an electrophoresis.

Because this last experiment was difficult to understand (higher level in English), they were helped by three former LFM pupils, now students in the European section at AR. We warmly thank Anila, Ethan and Maïlys for their presence and their help !

This collaboration aims at creating links between schools to inspire students about their academic orientation, and also at developing the use of English in the scientific careers and studies.

Thank you to all the people who built this project, the pupils were inspired indeed !

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